Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

Summoning Mortuu

week 13 game log

The party returned to the church after the burgomaster's mansion was overrun by looting townsfolk. After several hours of rest, they returned to the mansion just before dawn. They searched and secured the building room by room until they reached the attic. There they could see a dead looter just outside Victor's magically warded door and an eerie green light emanating from the room beyond. After careful inspection they were able to negate the ward and open the door, but it was too late. Victor was standing in the middle of the room facing a large green glowing glyph in the corner. In the glyph stood a hulking unholy monstrosity with a dog-like head and two sets of arms, the larger of which ended in massive crushing claws.

Victor ordered the summoned beast to take him away "from this prison", but the demon ignored him instead focusing its attention on the glyph at its feet. Victor angrily repeated his command and a moment later the demon smirked, having found the flaw in the novice wizard's ritual allowing it to break containment. The beast seized up the young man in its giant pincers. With a sickening rip, Victor was torn in half at the waist and his halves thrown out the attic window to the courtyard below.

The party rushed in to battle the fiend. Aeon kept the beast occupied by continually hacking away at his mid-section, Rolen and her summoned lions focused their attacks low, Rask took aim with his bow, and Zean fought bravely while getting the life crushed from him by the unrelenting strength of one of the demon's powerful claws.

The monster used all the physical power and magical ability it could muster, but it was not enough to defeat the heroes. The beast tried to flee, but was stopped and felled. As its body slowly dissolved into a thick black mist it swore vengeance on the party.

Besides the scrolls, and spellbooks found in Victor's workroom there was also a mysterious magical mirror and a fancy scrollcase that apparently contained the instructions for the summoning ritual that Victor had performed.

After healing their wounds the party left the mansion and headed toward the Blue Water Inn. Along the way they heard a small commotion coming from the town square. They went to investigate and were disheartened to find the Baroness Lydia along with Hernik both dead. They had been tied to poles and stoned to death by an angry mob during the night. The party gathered the bodies and brought them to the church for a proper burial. Father Lucian was devastated by his sister's death, but did his best to put on a brave face and carry on.

The party then returned to the inn. Rolen had noticed what seemed to be an unusual gathering of ravens perched on the rooftop of the inn. The party questioned the proprietors, Urwin and Danika Martikov, about the events of the previous night. Unfortunately they couldn't offer any helpful information about either Ireena' s kidnapping, or the current whereabouts of Izek Strazni.

After that the group went to Wachterhaus to speak with the new burgomaster, Lady Fiona Wachter. There they were able to negotiate the legal transfer of ownership of the now abandoned Vallakovich Estate to the party. The Lady only had two conditions; that the party follow the laws and established customs of Vallaki, and that they would come to the defense of the town if called upon. The party agreed to both conditions.

Now the heroes are returning to their new home to begin repairs on the damaged house.



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