Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

Death House

week 2 game summary

After taking a moment to tend our wounds, we found an unconscious halfling in a nearby closet along with a magical broom that immediately attacked us. We fell the animated object with a few quick strikes and turned our attention to searching the rest of the house with our new roguish companion.

We inspected an adjoining bedroom, which turned out to be the nursemaid's quarters. The room was quiet until Rolen opened the door to the adjoining nursery, causing the horrific spectre of the nursemaid to ferociously attack the party. It was tense, but we managed to disperse the ethereal creature.

We then discovered a secret door which revealed a flight of stairs going up to the attic. In the dusty attic we found a door locked from the outside that lead to a children's bedroom. In the bedroom were the skeletal remains of the two children, Rose and Thorn, that we originally saw outside the in the street.

While we looked thru the room's contents the spirits of the deceased children appeared before us. They explained that their parents had locked them in the attic, where they were left until they both starved to death. The children also told us that it was not them the party had seen out in the street earlier, rather it was just an illusion created by the house to lure them inside.

When we tried to leave the spirits became very upset. In a panicked attempt not to be "abandoned again" the two ghosts possessed Cora and Rolen. Thokk was able to intimidate the younger child to leave Cora's body, but Rose stubbornly insisted on remaining within Rolen while the party explored the rest of the house. Having no other options before us, we carried on.

In the attic's large storage room, we found the remains of the nursemaid along with a secret door to a narrow spiral staircase leading all the way down thru the house to a sublevel, where the Priests of Osybus conducted their depraved rituals.

At the bottom of the staircase we found ourselves in the family crypts, but all the coffins were empty… except for the swarm of giant centipedes that poured out from behind one of them. After dispatching the insects, we proceeded on to find the area housing the quarters of the cult's initiates and acolytes. The chests in several of the rooms held various treasures that we collected.

We then proceeded on to explore the westerns parts of the sublevel. We were ambushed by several ghouls clawing their way out of the earth at an intersection of narrow corridors. After slaying the evil creatures we have taken a moment to rest before continuing on.



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