Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

The Old Svalich Road

week 5 game log

We meet Ismark and he tells us that there's a problem, his father has died and his sister is refusing to leave until he receives a proper burial.  So we load into the carriage and go to their house, grab the dead guy and head to the cemetery. When we get there I turn into a giant badger and dig a grave but then the sister is all insistent that her dad had to be buried at sunrise. We heard a scream from the basement and the priest told us it was his son Doru, turned into a vampire spawn by Strahd after following a wizard from a far away land on an assualt of Castle Ravenloft. we decide to go back to the inn for the night except for the lunatic and the ranger who stay in the church and come back the next day talking about ghost parades.

The next morning we bury the dead guy and get on with our trip. Everything's going good until we get to the woods and there's some creepy weirdo staring at us but he runs away. We travel for a bit until we come to an empty carriage sitting in the middle of the road, which we investigate and figure out belongs to Strahd. Obviously we don't get in and we et back on the road.

We're making good progress till we find some inured kid in the middle of the road. I give him some basic first aid and am about to leave him to find his own way home when the sister insists that we have to save him and the rest of the kids in the place he escaped from.So we split up.  Ismark, his sister, the kid, the rouge, and the sorcerer go onto the village while the rest of us scout the windmill.

On the way to the village the carriage gets attacked by some wolves but they manage to fight them off.They reach the village and the rouge stays behind to protect the sister while Ismark and the sorcerer return to help us. Along the way they see a ghost and a bundle of rags. 

Once we are all together we move on the windmill. The lunatic throws an axe through the window and a hag pokes her head out the window and starts screaming at us. I turn into a lion to attack her and then Roar roar roaaaar roaro roraooroaoraaaarrrrrr roar roaro roar rooooaaaar roar roar orarororoaroaororoa roaraaarrrrrr rawwa araarorwowowroar roar.


great job! :)

Loving the mental picture of that hag coming to see who broke her window, only to have a friggin’ LION jump up and grab her by the neck while the rest of the party is simultaneously shooting her with crossbows.

+1 Inspiration Point for Rolen

The Old Svalich Road

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