Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

Old Bonegrinder

week 6 game log

Fought the 3 hags in very tight quarters. they tried to use sleep and paralysis spells on the party to no effect. the hags pummeled the paladin with magic missiles until he went down, but the battle had already been decided. sensing imminent defeat Morgantha used a stone in her possession to become ethereal and made her escape, followed immediately by her daughters.

the party freed Freek and Myrtle from their cages and did a quick search of the windmill before setting out for a midnight run back to Vallaki. they decided to shave some time off the trip by taking a shortcut through the woods, but just before leaving the road they were set upon by a small pack of werewolves. after a brief scuffle the werewolves ran off back into the night.

the party was allowed through the town gates by the night watch, and the children were taken to St. Andral's Church run by Father Lucian Petrovich.



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