Davian Martikov

Owner of The Wizard of Wines


Urwin’s cantankerous father, Davian Martikov, owns the the Wizard of Wines vineyard. There’s bad blood between Urwin and his father (whom Urwin and Danika refer to as “the old crow”).

The winery is known for three wines: the unremarkable Purple Grapemash No. 3, the slightly more tantalizing Red Dragon Crush, and the rich Champagne du le Stomp.

Davian’s group includes the following people:

  • Adrian, his eldest son
  • Elvir, his youngest son
  • Stefania, his adult daughter
  • Dag, Stefania’s husband
  • Stefania and Dag’s four children: a teenage son named Claudiu, two young boys named Martin and Viggo, and a baby girl named Yolanda.

Davian Martikov

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