Ireena Kolyana

Ismark's adopted sister


Adopted daughter the deceased burgomaster of Barovia. lreena has been bitten twice by Strahd. Her encounters with Strahd are fuzzy memories, but she can recall clearly the blazing hunger in his eyes. Now the villagers are afraid of her and avoid her. Although she appears mild, she has a strong will.

Kolyan Indirovich found her at the edge of the Svalich Woods near the Pillarstone of Ravenloft when she was but a girl. Kolyan adopted her and loved her dearly. To this day she doesn’t know how she came to Barovia or where she came from. In Vallaki, she learned of a man named Izek Strazni who seems to have some connection to her past. She hopes Izek might be able to shed some light on her origins.

Ireena was abducted from the Blue Water Inn in Vallaki where she was hiding with her brother, Ismark Kolyanovich. A ransom note from Izek Strazni indicated that Ireena was being held in the village of Krezk.

The party travelled to Krezk and ultimately found Ireena locked in a room in the Abbey of Saint Markovia. She was being held by The Abbot so that she could help refine the flesh golem bride he was creating in an attempt to end Strahd’s curse upon the land.

Ireena Kolyana

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