Izek Strazni

Baron Vallakovich's former henchman


After years of doing Baron Vallakovich’s dirty work, Izek awakened from a drunken stupor one morning to find that he had grown a new arm to replace the one he had lost. The new appendage has barbed spines, elongated fingers, and long nails. He can create fire with the snap of his fiendish fingers and has used the flames to put the fear of the devil in every Vallakian.


Izek and his sister were born in Vallaki. One morning, their father and their uncle took them fishing on Lake Zarovich. On the way back to town, a dire wolf attacked Izek and bit off his right arm. His father carried Izek back to town while his uncle distracted the beast. His sister ran and hid in the woods and was never seen again.

Izek’s parents succumbed to their grief, leaving him an orphan. Other children ruthlessly mocked him because of his dead family and his missing arm, but he was a strong boy and had no trouble killing his antagonizers and disposing of their bodies.

He was eventually caught in the act and brought to Baron Vallakovich. Instead of punishing the boy for his crimes he pardoned Izek and took him into his home. Izek was loyal to the burgomaster’s end, but has been stripped of all the power and the comforts of his former life.

Izek’s whereabouts since the death of the burgomaster are unknown, but the party has received a ransom note from him demanding they deliver Ireena to Old Bonegrinder in exchange for Ismark’s life.

Izek Strazni

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