Kasimir Velikov

Dusk-elf living with the Vistani west of Vallaki


Kasimir, a mutiliated and grief-stricken dusk elf, has been trapped in Barovia for centuries. His people were on the verge of being annihilated by Strahd’s armies when they surrendered. Strahd left the few survivors to the mercy of the Vistani, who bore them to the valley of Barovia, where they have lived ever since.

Kasimir’s allegiance to the Vistani is so strong that he adopted the name of the Vistana who welcomed him into his clan, a man named Velikov. Although Velikov passed away more than a century ago, Kasimir continues to live among Velikov’s descendants. Unfortunately, in his view, these modern Vistani are neither as noble nor as enlightened as their forebears. Not one to press the issue, Kasimir hopes to outlive the present leadership and see a return to the old ways.

The dusk elves know they aren’t safe in Barovia without the Vistani’s “protection”. Strahd has forbidden the Vistani from helping the dusk elves escape his domain. There are no women or children among the dusk elves. Strahd had all the female dusk elves put to death centuries ago as a punishment for defying him. A broken people, they are aware of the vampire’s absolute hold over the land of Barovia and keep a low profile to avoid incurring Strahd’s wrath again.

Kasimir gifted the party with a powrful artifiact to help in the fight against Strahd, the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. Before turning it over, he made the party swear an oath to return to him after they have dealt with the vampire lord. Kasimir wants the party to help him reach the Amber Temple so that he may learn how to bring his deceased sister back to life.

Kasimir Velikov

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