Strahd von Zarovich

Lord of Barovia


Strahd has been the master of Ravenloft for centuries now. Since becoming a vampire, he has taken several consorts. Although he feeds on the hapless souls of Barovia, they provide little nourishment and no comfort. From time to time, strangers from faraway lands are brought to his domain, to play the vampire’s game of cat-and-mouse. Strahd savors these moments, for though these strangers offer him no lands to conquer, they aren’t so easily destroyed and therefore provide a welcome diversion.

On the night of the Massacre at St. Andral’s Strahd visited the party in the middle of the night, but said nothing… only watched in silence. A few days later the party recived a dinner invitation from Strahd by way of Lady Fiona in Vallaki.

Strahd made a second appearance before the party at Yester Hill. After defeating the giant tree blight, Wintersplinter, Strahd was seen in the distance atop a nightmarish steed before disappearing again into the mists.

Strahd von Zarovich

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