The Mad Mage of Mount Baratok

Lives alone on the north shore of Lake Zarovich


The Mad Mage of Mount Baratok came to Barovia more than a year ago to free its people from Strahd’s tyranny, but he underestimated Strahd’s hold over the land and the creatures in it. After a battle between the two in Castle Ravenloft, Strahd drove the Mad Mage to the mountains and sent the wizard hurling over Tser Falls. The wizard, his staff and spellbook lost, survived the fall and retreated into the mountains, hoping to regain his power, only to be driven mad by the realization that he no longer has any hope of defeating Strahd or freeing the people of the vampire’s damned realm.

The Mad Mage has forgotten his name and the world whence he came. In fact, he doesn’t remember anything that happened before the madness. He suffers from the paranoia that powerful enemies are hunting him, and that their evil agents are everywhere and watching him.

Believing that the characters were there to kill him, the Mad Mage cast a powerful spell as the party approached allowing him to escape into his magical inter-dimensional mansion.

The Mad Mage of Mount Baratok

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