Urwin & Danika Martikov

Proprietors of the Blue Water Inn in Vallaki


Danika Martikov usually tends bar while her husband Urwin busies himself in the kitchen. Their boys, 9 year old Brom and 11 year old Bray, scamper about and easily get underfoot.

The entire family, along with the rest of the Martikov clan living at the valley’s winery, form a secret society they call “The Keepers of the Feather”. Not powerful enough to defeat Strahd on their own, the Keepers readily assist adventurers who find themselves drawn into Strahd’s domain.

Urwin’s cantankerous father, Davian Martikov, owns the the Wizard of Wines vineyard. There’s bad blood between Urwin and his father. Ten years ago, one of the vineyard’s magic gems was dug up and stolen. Davian blames his middle son, Urwin, for the loss because Urwin was on watch the night the gem was taken. The two men have been at odds ever since.


Urwin & Danika Martikov

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