Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

The Defenders of Daggerford

week 1 game summary

We were dinner guests of our benefactor, Lady Morwen of Daggerford, when she tasked us with rousting a band of disruptive travelers camped outside of town. We learned the people were a gypsy people called the "Vistani." They were exceedingly pleasant, and agreed to heed the Lady's order to move along… after we sat and let them share the story of their people with us.

Their leader, Stanimir, told an old tale about a noble prince who was rescued by the Vistani while deep in the territory of his enemies, earning his eternal gratitude. It was at that time we started to realize we were under some kind of strange influence, one by one we all started falling fast asleep around the bonfire. Our half-orc sorcerer, Thokk, says he was able to shake off the effects, but the last thing he remembers was being overcome by several men with staffs.

We woke the next morning the immediate are was unchanged, but the surrounding countryside had changed. There was no sign of Daggerford or the Vistani, just a gravel road extending in one direction to an opaque wall of fog, and in the other to a small decrepit village. Just as we started entering the outskirts of the village, two children in the street caught our attention and we went over to investigate.

The children, Rose and Thorn, told us about a "monster" in the basement, but when we entered the house (some by the front door, and via 2nd story window) the children suddenly vanished and the house sealed itself shut. Leaving us trapped in the quiet and well furnished home. By this time the same wall of fog that we had seen earlier had advanced and surrounded the house as well.

We thoroughly searched every room on the ground floor, but could find no signs of any kind of basement entrance, so we started redirecting our attention to exploring the rest of the house.

The 2nd floor was similar to the first, but we did find something interesting the library. In a hidden side room we found racks of books related to the the dark arts and fiend-summoning, and a cult called the Priests of Osybus. We also found some legal documents related to Gustav & Elisabeth Durst's properties, and that their children (Rose and Thorn) should inherit everything in the case of their deaths.

We then proceeded on the the 3rd floor, which stood in stark contrast to the rest. While the first two floors were in pristine condition, the 3rd floor was aged, dusty, and draped in cobwebs. As soon as we set foot on the landing, a suit of old armor against the wall loudly creaked to life as it began moving toward us.

The armor brutally pummeled us with it's iron fists. While we suffered several painful injuries, we were able to finally stop the animated horror. The healing potions Lady Morwen had equipped us with quickly got us back on our feet.

We're about to go on exploring the rest of the house to see if we can find any way out of this mess…



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