Character Creation Options

All player character races and classes found in both the Player's Handbook and Volo's Guide to Monsters are allowed in this campaign, in addition to the custom options defined below.

Where do you originate?
Player characters who are Ravenloft Natives (usually human, but occasionally elven, half-elven, halfling, dwarven, and tiefling) have access to common Barovian Lore and other information relevant to life in the Demiplane of Dread. example: Your character might know who the burgomaster of Vallaki was, or that werewolves are prevalent in the Svalich Woods.

Outlanders are "visitors", most likely taken to Ravenloft from their home world against their will. These players characters can bring any knowledge from their home world, and possibly the multiverse in general, to bear in the game. Exotic player character races (dragonborn, gnomes, half-orcs, kenku, tabaxi, etc) are almost always Outlanders. example: Your character might know that the Wizards of Krynn have developed dark magics that taint dragon eggs, or that the world of Eberron has great flying ships powered by elementals.

New Races
Awakened Undead
Dragonborn (Turtle)

New Classes
Ravaged Mind

New Class Option
Monk – Tradition: Way of the Force
Sorcerer – Origin: Inner Darkness

New Background Options
Haunted One

New Language Option: Patterna (the language of the Vistani)

Character Creation Options

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