Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

The Stolen Bones

week 7 game log

The party stayed at the church after delivering Freek & Myrtle into Father Lucian's care. Assisting Father Lucian was an orphaned altar boy named Yeska, and a brawny lad with a perpetually furrowed brow named Milivoj who tends the grounds and digs graves.

Father Lucian confided in Zean (a paladin of the Morninglord) about a situation he needed help with.

Until recently, the church was protected from Strahd's depredations by the bones of St. Andral, which were sealed in a crypt beneath the church's main altar. But now the church was at risk because someone broke into the crypt a few nights ago and stole the bones. Until recently, Father Lucian was the only person in Vallaki who knew about the bones, but he recalls mentioning them to Yeska over a month ago to put the fearful boy at ease. After the bones were stolen, Father Lucian asked Yeska if he told anyone else about the bones. The boy nodded but wouldn't divulge a name.

Father Lucian correctly suspected Milivoj had something to do with the missing bones of St. Andral, but the priest was reluctant to confront him because the lad is so temperamental. Father Lucian has not reported the theft for fear of the distress that the news might cause, and he doesn’t want to ruin burgomaster Vallakovich’s festival

When questioned by the party Milivoj admitted that Yeska told him about the bones. He also admitted to passing along the information to Henrik van der Voort, the local coffin maker, and to stealing the bones in return for money to help feed his younger sisters and brothers.

Rask tried to get a sense of the goings-on of the town by eavesdropping on some conversation. He was able to learn several bits of Vallakian Lore.

The party traveled across town, made a stop at Arasek's Stockyard for provisions, and on to the coffin shop. Henrik looked exhausted and edgy and gave up the truth of the matter with little coaxing. He told the party where to find the bones (in the upstairs bedroom wardrobe) and about the vampire nest.

It was noon and the party, betting that the vampires were asleep, retreated across the street with Henrik to watch over the shop while Zean went to speak with the burgomaster about the situation.

Henrik said that one night several months ago, an imposing, well-dressed nobleman named Vasili von Holtz promised the coffin maker "good business" in exchange for his help. Since then, Henrik's workshop has become the lair of a pack of vampire spawn. The vampires seemed to be lying low for the time being and they ordered him to steal the Bones of St. Andral.



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