Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd

The Vampire Nest

week 8 game log

Zean went to the bugomaster's mansion where he saw a villager named Udo being escorted by guards through a side door. He then met briefly with the Baroness, before speaking with Burgomaster Vallakovich about the vampires hiding in Henrik's shop. The burgomaster wanted things handled quietly, so as to not negatively impact morale ahead of the upcoming Festival of the Blazing Sun. He dispatched 8 guards along, with his "right hand man" Izek Strazni, to assist the party in dealing with the situation.

The party members that remained behind searched the ground floor of the shop. Along the way they removed several lamps from the walls and doused the rooms in flammable oil. Henrik pleaded with the party to not "burn down everything he has" but they continued on with their plan. Henrik, apparently trying to pick between the lesser of two evils, fled upstairs to awaken the vampires in an attempt to save his livelihood.

The party set the oil ablaze as they fled the shop. They saw thin wisps of smoke coming from a few of the windows for a short time, but before long the shop was quiet and still once again.

Zean, Izek, and the town guards arrived some time later and knocked on the door of the shop. When nobody answered, Izek demanded that Henrik open the door or they would break it down. Henrik complied hesitantly.

Izek spoke briefly with Henrik, had him arrested, and taken to the burgomaster's mansion "to be purged of his evil." Half of the dispatched guards setup a perimeter around the house, while everyone else made their way into the shop.

Evidence of the small fire set earlier (now extinguished) could be seen on the first floor. The floor was thoroughly searched before everyone moved upstairs. A large neglected junk storage room with a dozen crates dominated the 2nd level, and when no evidence of vampires were found, the party decided to open up and search some of the crates. As soon as one of the crates was opened, the 6 hiding vampires burst from their concealment and attacked.

The vampires proved far too formidable for the town guards, who were cut down mercilessly. After putting up a brief fight, Izek made the call for everyone to retreat outside. While he left immediately, the remaining party members withdrew more slowly, trying to block the path behind them with flammable debris. Another fire was set, this time on the stairs, with the aim of trapping the vampires.

While this was going on, Zean had moved to search some of the other rooms of the 2nd floor prior to his escape. He found Henrik's bedroom, and the wardrobe Henrik had mentioned, but the bones weren't inside. Zean noticed a secret compartment in the bottom of the wardrobe that contained a dark, locked box with heavy iron fixtures. As he opened the secret compartment, a vampire, turned earlier by Zean, watching from outside the window let out a bellowing screech as an apparent signal to his comrades.

Zean dove out the window into the alleyway, quickly followed by 3 of the vampire spawn. He tried to open the locked box without success, so the paladin decided to make a run for St. Andral's with the vampires giving chase.

The remainder of the party joined Izek and the guards, along with a growing crowd on onlookers, across from the front of Henrik's shop as the fire inside began to grow more intense. Rolen in particular made a notable entrance before the gathered crowd when she, in the form of a ferocious lion, crashed thru a 2nd story window into the street.



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