Party Treasury

Gold: 1225
Silver: 54
Copper: 35
Gems & Jewels:  
Magic Items:

Bag of Holding (Rolen)
Battleaxe +1 (unassigned)
Blood Spear (Rask)
Bracers of Defense (Hirria)
Breastplate +2 (Zean)
Decanter of Endless Water (Rask)
Gulthias Staff +2 (Visenya)
Ring of Protection (Hirria)
Scimitar +1 x2 (Hirria)

Potions & Scrolls: Scrolls of Bless, Protection from Poison, Spiritual Weapon, Raise Dead, Greater Restoration (x3)

Potion of Poison in a crystal vial (100gp)
Misc Treasure:

fancy eyepatch (50gp)
5 bottles wine
5 bottles poisoned wine

Vehicles & Mounts
The party has use of 4 draft horses and a stagecoach, that seats up to 6 inside along with a passenger and driver sitting up front.

Party Treasury

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